except you can get in

soda squiddy ambi erie emma angelo aura aslan milq tavros eli rae chan cindii nine kaden bo han noble adrien shim maeve cami jo

favorite characters:

all my kins
cozy glow queen chrysalis trixie lulamoon
chica toy chica mangle baby
muffet alphys chara
ƎNA þe shepard phindoll
U-SA-HA-NA hello kitty my sweet piano
midori rio ranger kanna kizuchi
airy abstracty atom stone
mackenzie zales
angie yonaga celestia ludenberg
my comfort characters
favorite content creators markiplier octolinghacker ranboo etce jacksepticeye

ids and (game names) 🎮
fc SW-8157-1768-0790 (whimm)
idv 12291271 (shinniemoment)
minecraft (mishukus)
roblox (TENMlKO)
PSO2 (whimm)
ponytown (whimm)

characters i kin :( not in order

miu iruma himiko yumeno
shin tsukimi hinako mishuku
sugarcoat twilight sparkle fluttershy
deandra shay van buren
þe entirety of bikini bottom
mimi merize
and more but im too lazy if you wanna who else i kin just ask i guess
i dont kin seriously
im okay with doubles (i love yall ♡) unless ur not
extra space oh god um uh what do i out here besideds þe fucking kinlist cuz ion feel like doing that